Basics on the potato commodity and its European futures

European potato futures contract trades at Eurex short for European Exchange. The futures’ product ticker is ‘FEPP’ for Futures on European Processing Potato.
Contract size is 25 metric tons with maturity months in April, June and November. April is not only the most liquid expiry but is also quoted beyond one year.
Price quotation is in € per 100 kg, or one decitonne, which leverages the futures contract to a factor of 250 (100 kg times 250 = 25 metric tons).
The European potato futures is cash-settled only. No delivery of actual food takes place.
Final settlement price is based on the Eurex European Processing Potato Index. It registers prices on loosely loaded 100 kg of specific cultivation areas in Germany, France, the Netherlands and Belgium. The four countries are equally weighted 25% in the index.
Tuber size is 4 cm plus, but minimum 60% need to be greater than 5 cm.


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