About Herges Capital

Herges Capital Management LLC was founded in 2013 by Udo Herges, PhD, MSc.

Trust is the most precious currency you may pay Herges Capital. Earning your trust with insights and performance is our continuous goal.

We only trade on our clients’ accounts but never take possession of their funds.

The incentivizing fee structure ensures we earn more only when our clients do better.

Our interests are aligned with yours.

Herges Capital, LLC

Our Experience

Dr. Udo Herges has over 20 years of experience in the financial world. Prior to founding Herges Capital, he held various positions in strategy, origination, syndication, trading and sales at multinational investment banks. That vast exposure to the world of investing lay the foundation to successfully managing clients’ money and develop and execute a total-return-based trend following strategy.


Dr. Udo Herges

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Udo earned his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics at Brunel University, London, U.K. in less than two years. From the same university he received a Master of Science in Numerical Analysis.

He participated in the Salomon Brothers Training Program For Business Production in New York City prior to working for Citigroup, the Swedish SEB and German Commerzbank.

In 2012 he left Commerzbank in the rank of vice president.

Udo is also an undefeated former U25 German Correspondence Chess Champion, chess coach and sponsor.

Udo Herges Chess
Udo Herges Chess

Our Expertise

We see our special expertise in direct indexing U.S., Canadian and European stock markets. A direct investment style that avoids altogether mutual funds and ETF fees. A relatively new approach that allows dividends to be received immediately and continuously throughout the year instead of delayed every quarter only. We also developed a novel, risk-adjusted way to invest in commodities. Investor clients may hire us for composing and managing just a specific, narrow asset portfolio, like only Northern American stocks, only European stocks or exclusively commodities. Therefore complementing existing investments with other houses. However, far more popular is the highly diversified ‘All Seasons’ portfolio that would always include the aforementioned components.

Highly unusual for a registered investment advisor, Herges Capital holds also a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) license. In that role the firm can directly offer the alternative investment strategy ‘Trend Following’ to high-net-worth individuals.

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Often an initial step for investors is to trustfully forward their latest broker’s statement for us to comment on. Common are also requests to recommend funds out of a 401k program. In both cases fees and sufficient diversification guides our reply.

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