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Herges Capital distinguishes itself from most investment advisors:

We ensure your hard-earned money is growing while not being harmfully depleted by fees and taxes,
and aim to protect and preserve your funds by diversifying more thoroughly than most competitors.

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We follow a modern direct investment approach. So-called direct indexing purchases carefully-selected individual bonds and stocks. Consequently avoiding third-party mutual funds and ETF fees that you always do pay with others.

The goal is to bring not only your current tax obligation down to zero, but also to not allow future tax burdens to build up. Furthermore, we aim to protect and preserve your funds by diversifying more thoroughly than most competitors.

Herges Capital holds dual registrations as a state-registered investment advisor (RIA) and commodity trading advisor (CTA). We are a 100% independent fiduciary.

We don’t earn commissions. Just the opposite:

We aim to keep trading cost low. Because our clients’ net return is most relevant to us.

Udo Herges: Financial Advisor


Every investor is different. In a holistic approach, Herges Capital assesses the client’s current investments, obligations, needs and goals before recommending improvements.

In a Statement of Investment Policy (SIP) overall risk preferences ranging from highly-conservative capital preservation to aggressive growth are bindingly agreed upon.

The subsequent investment portfolio’s structure will match the client’s risk tolerance. Naturally, a retiree will emphasize more on reliable and steady investment income than a first job employee.

Our Philosophy

Herges Capital offers comprehensive and tailor-made investment advice and management services. The firm’s investment style is highly cost- and tax-efficient. Providing fee transparency on all levels, not only our direct fees, is important for us.

Herges Capital follows ethical standards when picking individual bond issuers or stock names. We refuse to invest in tobacco, defense, nuclear power plants and sugary drinks stocks. All those companies are typically included in a broad market ETF.

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Often an initial step for investors is to trustfully forward their latest broker’s statement for us to comment on. Common are also requests to recommend funds out of a 401k program. In both cases fees and sufficient diversification guides our reply.


Herges Capital Management LLC was founded by Dr. Udo Herges, who earned his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics at Brunel University in London, U.K.

Udo participated in the Salomon Brothers Training Program For Business Production in New York City prior to working for Citigroup, the Swedish SEB, and Germany’s second largest bank Commerzbank.

Udo left in the rank of vice president and founded Herges Capital in 2013.

Udo is also an undefeated former U25 German Correspondence Chess Champion, and he is today a chess coach and sponsor in San Diego, California.

Call Udo today for a free consultation. Dedicated to Your Investment and Success,
Udo Herges

Udo Herges

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