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Herges Capital’s mission goes beyond just managing clients’ funds and providing valuable investment advice. We also aim to forward knowledge to the people working with us. May that be in verbal or written form.

This blog provides charts, data and presentations to existing and potential clients that want to dig deeper and learn more about their investments with us. In addition, we keep you informed about Herges Capital’s ongoing corporate sponsorship activities and their coverage on social media and TV.

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Often an initial step for investors is to trustfully forward their latest broker’s statement for us to comment on. Common are also requests to recommend funds out of a 401k program. In both cases fees and sufficient diversification guides our reply.

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Are you searching for comprehensive and tailor-made investment advice and management? Say for your personal wealth, IRA or a family office account? Or are you contacting us to diversify away from the traditional stocks, bonds and real-estate into an uncorrelated, alternative investment strategy?

Feel free to browse around in our news section to be updated on current trends and Herges Capital’s involvement in this industry while receiving valuable information regarding alternative investment strategies. Feel free to contact us any time if you have questions. We are always happy to give you a free consultation to see if we are a good fit for you.